yoga skills for therapists

The ideal resource

Yoga Skills for Therapists is the ideal resource for those who want to bring yoga practices into psychotherapy or healthcare. Weintraub, a leader in the field of yoga therapy, offers evidence-based, easy-to-introduce strategies for managing anxiety, improving mood, and relieving suffering. Helpful clinical insights and case examples emphasize safety, trust, and skillful adaptation to the individual, making it easy to apply the wisdom of yoga effectively in the therapeutic context.

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Gratitude for Amy Weintraub’s book

I offer gratitude for Amy Weintraub’s book, which provides those of us in the helping professions with a rich medley of well-designed interventions that enable us to integrate the powerful and now research-proven healing modalities of yoga into our daily interactions with clients.

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Thank you, Amy

Thank you! Thank you, Amy, for weaving your practical and inspiring yoga therapy skills and heartfelt experience into this groundbreaking book. Easy and clear to read, that will enrich us “ol’ war horses” in the healing professions and the new generation of students, clients and therapists for years to come.

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Powerful medicine

Amy Weintraub helps us to bring the ancient wisdom and scientifically validated power of yoga into our clinical practices. This book is lucid, well documented, and immediately practical. Powerful medicine for our patients and clients, and for all of us.

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It is a fabulous resource

A psychotherapist might spend many years studying yoga and still not achieve anything near this elegant, practical, powerful integration. The instruction — while emerging from a 4000-year-oldtradition some consider esoteric — is immediately useful for treating abroad range of mental health disorders, even for therapists with no other background in yoga. As a bonus, the book seamlessly weaves in indispensable related tools, such as imagery, self-suggestion, and mindfulness meditation. It is a fabulous resource.

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Practical and inspiring

Research now validates what yoga adepts have claimed for thousands of years: Yoga practices profoundly affect our state of heart and mind! Drawing on her wisdom and notable expertise, Amy Weintraub guides us in bringing this ancient science of healing into clinical settings. Yoga Skills for Therapists is both practical and inspiring; it will allow you to offer the precious gifts of yoga to your clients and deepen the roots of your own practice as well.

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A groundbreaking manual

Amy Weintraub has produced a groundbreaking manual that will guide a whole new generation of patients and therapists in the use of simple but extremely reliable yoga-based techniques for self-regulation.

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Immersing yourself in the wisdom

Imagine immersing yourself in the wisdom of body-centered awareness from thousands of years of practice under the compassionate and skilled guidance of an experienced and illuminating practitioner. Yoga Skills for Therapists is Amy Weintraub’s gift of fresh air that weaves detailed instructions for personal and clinical applications with what modern research is now demonstrating to be effective clinical interventions for anxiety, depression, and trauma. Even your own mental and physical health will be greatly enhanced with the accessible steps illustrated in this fabulous contribution to our human journey toward well-being!

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Brilliantly opens a door

Yoga Skills for Therapists brilliantly opens a door to the physical and spiritual layers of a client—one that many therapists and counselors have been waiting to walk through. From a place of genuine respect, integrity, and intention, Amy Weintraub offers easily applied foundational yogic practices to enrich the therapeutic experience for both client and practitioner.

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