Shift depression, fatigue, anxiety, worry, and more; accessible for all bodies, anywhere, anytime. Each card holds a quick solution to help regulate, self-soothe, and balance with a simple practice.

My card deck offers simple breathing and physical exercises to shift your mood, and manage your mental states.  These tools―drawn from yoga, are based on years of personal experience and are backed by extensive research.
*No flexibility or mat is required, any body can benefit.

For you and those you serve, the Yoga for Your Mood Deck brings expert, evidence-based guidance out of the studio and into your hands.

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The woman beside her on the train was elegant, ethereal, mysterious and determined. When Wendy opened her eyes, she was alone. The woman was gone and a dusty red book was in her place. The woman’s appeal still rang in her ears. “You must show the world how we danced with God!”
. . .
Temple Dancer
, a novel about spiritual awakening and connection, spans the distance of time, space and culture through the parallel lives of Saraswati, a young temple dancer in India, between 1935-1947, and Wendy, an unfulfilled fine artist, living in contemporary New England.

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Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga – More that 25 million Americans are treated with antidepressants each year, at a cost in excess of $50 billion. But the side effects of popular prescription drugs may seem nearly as depressing as the symptoms they’re meant to treat. There is another way…

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Yoga Skills for Therapists: Effective Practices for Mood Management introduces healing professionals to the timeless teachings of yoga that are applicable in a clinical setting — no mat required. As a practical, hands-on guidebook…

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