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FACES Compassion & Wisdom Conference: San Diego

The 8th Annual FACES Conference: Developing Skillful Compassion is in beautiful San Diego, and features Amy Weintraub, Frank Ostasesk and Joan Halifax. Don’t miss Amy’s all-day workshop on Feb 22nd: Mind-Body Practices for Healing Professionals (No Mat Required).

Self-soothe, integrate the conference experience and connect to your deepest Self. Amy integrates LifeForce Yoga and IFS (Internal Family Systems) in ways that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Through this day of self-care, you will learn new ways to connect from your heart’s mind to your client’s with clinically appropriate, evidence-based practices.

Teach clients to self-regulate, manage their energy and balance their moods. When you guide a mind-body skill in a session, you will find that your client has greater focus, access to feelings, and is ready to dive deeper into the healing work you offer. Learn techniques that can be done in a chair, right in your office, that offer you an energy boost, and a calm and focused mind, even as you teach them to your clients.

Amy will also lead morning yoga sessions during the conference.

>>> Limited space—Reserve early! For reservations, book online or call (877) 633-2237