LIFEFORCE YOGA & IFS: New Tools to Bring Balance

Kripalu Center Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, MA, United States

Online Registration LIFEFORCE YOGA & INTERNAL FAMILY SYSTEMS New Tools To Bring Balance To Your Life   September 8-13. 2024 A Fall Retreat at Kripalu. We all have a Precious Center. A place within that is unsullied by life’s traumatic events. LifeForce Yoga skills remove restrictions and help us access the compassion we need to explore our wounds with clarity and wisdom. IFS teaches us how to relate to ourselves and others from a place of inclusion, empathy, and curiosity, and the two modalities dovetail beautifully. You will experience the blend of a gentle, evidence-based yoga protocol to help you self-soothe and clear your mind as you work with your IFS parts. The manager parts, reactive parts, [...]