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Somatic Psychology Summit 2023 with The Shift Network and Arielle Schwartz

Experience easy somatic psychology practices to deepen your resilience and emotional agility. This summit invites you to explore expanding avenues of connecting to the body’s innate intelligence as a pathway to greater physical flexibility, mental tenacity, and spiritual vitality — for you and your clients.

This free Summit is all about Combining Conventional Therapies with Body-Centric Methods for Alleviating Anxiety, Resolving Trauma & Restoring Wholeness.

Amy is a featured speaker, and will talk with Dr. Schwartz about Cultivating Compassionate Self Awareness: How Life Force Yoga Skills Support Mental Health.

During this 2-day event, you’ll discover:

  • That you can heal trauma and come home to your embodied, authentic self by addressing the 3 most important factors that are held in the body
  • How to stay grounded and connected to your own innate somatic intelligence while working with clients as a trauma therapist
  • Somatic interventions like interoception, polyvagal theory, and nervous system regulation can benefit those with chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s
  • Tapping into oscillation — micro-movements throughout the body’s cells and systems — can support subtle but profound support for self-regulation and self-soothing
  • And much more…

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