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Tending to Our Grief – 3 Free Events of Tender Refuge

These Separate Events Are Offered for Healing and Community
Share Widely, Livestream Recordings available

Acknowledging Global Grief with Mirabai Starr and Willow Brook
November 19, 2023 10-11:30am PST
A world community gathering to give voice to your grief for the suffering of the world. With guided meditation, evocative writing prompts and sacred song, we’ll use our creativity to envision the world.

Somatic Psychology Summit 2023 with The Shift Network and Arielle Schwartz
Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2023
Amy is a featured speaker at this summit, and will talk with and Dr. Arielle Schwartz.
Experience easy somatic psychology practices to deepen your resilience and emotional agility. This summit invites you to explore expanding avenues of connecting to the body’s innate intelligence as a pathway to greater physical flexibility, mental tenacity, and spiritual vitality — for you and your clients. 

Winter Solstice: A Night to Illuminate Grief with Amy Pickett-Williams, and Heidi Thomas
Dec 21, 2023 7-9pm MST
Heal, remember, and honor together on the Winter Solstice, with meaningful conversation, gentle movement, breathwork, art rituals, and the harmonious power of music. Hold a candlelight remembrance as support surrounds us and love encircles our world.