Yoga Skills to Shift Depression and Anxiety at Kripalu

Kripalu Center Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, MA, United States

Online Registration Yoga Skills to Shift Depression and Anxiety May 24 - May 27. 2024 A Spring Reset at Kripalu. Join me for a community of belonging. I offer an unapologetically, irrepressible, infinitely inclusive welcome to this 3-day workshop at Kripalu over Memorial Day Weekend. Want a break from anxiety, stress and overwhelm? Join us in the Berkshires this Spring for a luscious four day program, as the lake begins to warm and the blooms begin to pulse with color. We will move, breathe, meditate, and connect together indoors and outdoors, weather permitting. Discover accessible practices that address anxiety and help to beat the blues without pretzel poses or extra flexibility. Strip away the obstacles that keep you from [...]

LIFEFORCE YOGA & IFS: New Tools to Bring Balance

Kripalu Center Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, MA, United States

Online Registration LIFEFORCE YOGA & INTERNAL FAMILY SYSTEMS New Tools To Bring Balance To Your Life   September 8-13. 2024 A Fall Retreat at Kripalu. We all have a Precious Center. A place within that is unsullied by life’s traumatic events. LifeForce Yoga skills remove restrictions and help us access the compassion we need to explore our wounds with clarity and wisdom. IFS teaches us how to relate to ourselves and others from a place of inclusion, empathy, and curiosity, and the two modalities dovetail beautifully. You will experience the blend of a gentle, evidence-based yoga protocol to help you self-soothe and clear your mind as you work with your IFS parts. The manager parts, reactive parts, [...]

2025 Bahamas Beach Retreat: Building Resilience

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

Online Registration Bahamas Beach Retreat March 4 - 6, 2025 Building Resilience: Yoga for Your Mood Life is short- and it's time for a Yoga Vacation! Come relax. Be inspired. Activate your heart. Deepen your awareness, and be present to the beauty of nature that surrounds you. It's especially uplifting to gather in community. This retreat offers the sweetness of in-person connection in an amazing location to ground and let go. I know you won’t regret a spacious break to restore your connection to Self at the beautiful Sivananda Yoga Ashram in The Bahamas. The beach there opens my heart. Yoga and meditation outside, clean vegetarian meals, the sunsets, the air.... Community kirtan, chanting, and mantras regulate [...]