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Bahamas Beach Retreat

February 19 — 21, 2023
Yoga for Your Mood: Practices to Shift Depression and Anxiety

Life is short- Let’s start the New Year with a yoga vacation! Come relax. Be inspired. Activate your heart. Deepen your awareness, and be present to the beauty of nature that surrounds you. It’s especially uplifting to gather in community after so many years of isolation.

This retreat offers the sweetness of in-person connection in an amazing location to ground and let go. I know you won’t regret a spacious break to restore your connection to Self at the beautiful Sivananda Yoga Ashram in The Bahamas. The beach there opens my heart. Yoga and meditation outside, clean vegetarian meals, the sunsets, the air…. Community kirtan, chanting, and mantras regulate my autonomic nervous system in ways I can’t describe. The tropical fragrance! All of these elements coalesce to remind me of who I truly am beneath whatever story I am telling myself.

I will be speaking and teaching about Yoga for Your Mood. No experience necessary! We’ll practice yoga tools to reset and manage our moods that not only help release what no longer serves our wellbeing, but also provides ways for managing your mood at home. Of course, we’ll practice and play amidst verdant flora, turquoise waters, and sparkling sands! Idyllic Paradise Island is a gorgeous place for nature, yoga, silence, and vibrance. I love it all, and I think you will too.

At my Satsang I will offer offer the scientific evidence that supports yoga as an adjunct treatment for mental health and offer the safe application of the practices for mental health.

You will come away feeling refreshed, renewed, and excited about incorporating new tools into your home, teaching, or clinical practice to bring balance to the emotional and physical body.

This program is accessible for all levels, including beginners. Health professionals and Yoga teachers will learn techniques not regularly taught in Yoga classes to help their clients focus, relax, and have greater access to their feelings.

Lodging options range from tent huts to beachfront deluxe rooms. Spa services not included but wonderful! I hope you will join me. REGISTER NOW!