Thank you for your article, Mara Gordon (see link below)! Your piece hit home because it relates to so much of what I teach. It’s lovely to read how science is validating what those of us in LifeForce Yoga® (LFY) have long understood: finding and living our life’s mission is principal to vibrant wellbeing!

In my LFY to Manage Your Mood workshops, we spend significant time shedding the layers of Unknowing that block us from understanding our true purpose. We practice visualizations of those who’ve said “yes!” to our dreams. Then we cultivate the ability to say yes to them ourselves. Sometimes, this involves understanding the family legacy stored in our DNA which could be a source of our self-limitations. Consciously releasing this genetic memory helps keep our dreams larger than our fears.

My ‘Bhavana: Say Yes to Yourself’ CD delves deep with guided imagery that lifts the mood. This relaxation experience helps you reconnect with the burning bush in your heart and say yes to that heart’s desire and to Yourself. This original and inspiring bhavana practice incorporates sound, breath, gentle stretching, and writing. Say “yes” to that heart’s desire and to yourself.

NPR’s YOUR HEALTH Article, What’s Your Purpose? Finding A Sense Of Meaning In Life Is Linked To Health