CREATIVE FLOW: 15 Ways to Open the Portal

Rounding December 2020- incredible. I'm excited for new possibilities, and to farewell this remarkable year, I’ll be posting 15 ways to open the portal to creative flow to welcome in 2021, so grab a pen... As a writer, I thrive on connection to the source of creativity and love, and I know I'm not alone (despite these recent events!) Join me here each day, December 17-31, for a prompt, an inquiry, or a practice. Whether you’re a poet, an artist, a dancer, a chef, a gardener or you just want to infuse your daily life with more creativity, follow along with me for 15 days. Please share and let's "Open the Portal" to nourish creativity for the New Year! 12/17/20 [...]

CREATIVE FLOW: 15 Ways to Open the Portal2020-12-31T15:35:15-07:00

Holiday Inspiration, Embracing the Ups and Downs

Dear Ones, We’re heading into the holidays—Hanukkah first this year and then Christmas and Kwanzaa. This season can be a time of great joy and also great loneliness, especially amplified in 2020. Like everything in life, the upsides and the downsides. Can we extend our arms to embrace it all, without feeling overwhelmed or numbing out? That’s where a practice can help us stay balanced. Click >> the image for a simple practice to ride the waves of emotion and thought that I hope will help you navigate the ups and downs of the holidays. On Facebook, I see the amazing faces of the babies born and growing up in a Pandemic. I imagine the stresses and strains on their [...]

Holiday Inspiration, Embracing the Ups and Downs2020-12-11T08:57:53-07:00
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