Stepping Back for Ease. A Gift.

The holidays can be amazing and complicated; jubilant and crazy-making; overstimulating and lonely all at once. Even when we’re joyful, there’s the added stress of finding and paying for gifts, and often many preparations. For some of us it might mean attending holiday events with difficult family members. For others of us, whose family circumstances have changed, it might mean spending more time than we wish alone.

This year, I can check the box on all three of these categories! A nearly 50-year spiritual practice of yoga and meditation has not immunized me from stress, grief, disappointment or betrayal. But I have learned a few strategies over the years. I know that if I can step back into a wider awareness, where I am less constricted by my mood or the current story, I feel better.

Here are three ways that I step back, and I will lead you in the 3rd way, below.

  1. Exercise: I include asana practice, a routine at the gym, walking, bike riding, swimming and dancing–my favorite being hatha yoga and dancing. Whether it’s whirling around the living room to the Broadway musicals my mother loved when I was eight, or grooving to my favorite live bands in Tucson, dancing makes me happy. For you, it might be another form of exercise, but whatever it is, get up, get out, and DO it.
  2. Nature: There is nothing like fresh air, whether it’s in the mountains, in the desert, by the sea, or in your own neighborhood. I feel more spacious when I can be outside. My shoulders relax, my eyes soften, and there’s more room inside for me.
  3. Mantra Chanting as a portal to meditation: I prefer the vibrational tones of the oldest language in the world, Sanskrit. However, you may find a prayer or chant in another language that clears the space for your mind to find peace in the midst of holiday stress. This chant is a favorite, so click here to join me:

Stay safe, stay well!

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Cape Cod Institute  July 31- Aug 4
IFS (Internal Family Systems) and LFY Immersion

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Relief is available. Stay safe, stay well.