Missed Moments and Reunions

Dear Ones, My heart is full of love, and excitement, and my head is in a tizzy! Next week, I will be seeing my beloved daughter and three grandchildren, the third of whom I have only met on video calls. Over these past 18 months, they have celebrated birthdays, graduations, recitals and other momentous events. Since they live in Canada, I have missed out on it all. Finally, after so many missed moments, we'll reunite for 6 days on Coney Island! Will I be able to keep up with their buoyant little-kid energy and enthusiasms? My daughter is competent, so I trust her to arrange their Kosher food needs, as I usually screw up some of that. I also don’t [...]

Missed Moments and Reunions2022-04-04T07:36:11-07:00

The Privilege of Clouds & a Free Practice

Here I am in my happy place, right? Right. And yet, I wish I could transplant this dreary weather to the Sonoran desert that needs the rain and humidity so desperately. This morning, the skies are gray. Again. In the 13 days since I arrived,  there hasn't been a beach day. So, like everything else that seems to disappoint, I need to look at my expectations, which are always the source of my suffering. When I do that, I can also see the gifts hidden in the gray. First, there is the great privilege of taking a vacation. What a gift it is to me to reconnect with dear friends on the East Coast in balance with the lovely solitude [...]

The Privilege of Clouds & a Free Practice2022-04-04T07:36:11-07:00

Summer Joy, Blues, MetroMeditations Help to Welcome All That’s Arising

Dear Ones, Despite or because of the many rainy days since I arrived in Rhode Island, the waters of Narraganset Bay nourish my soul. I am blessed to begin my day with a standing practice surrounded by water. This is Naragansett Bay. :) We can’t always be on vacation in our happy place, so it’s vital to cultivate a healing practice wherever we wake up in the morning. Click below for the 3rd video in my Metro Meditations series that I recorded in downtown Tucson before I left. These quick videos are short, potent interventions, doable anywhere, anytime for a quick shift. This is a working vacation for me. Yesterday, after lunch with old friends, I finished a second draft of the screenplay for Temple Dancer and, along with [...]

Summer Joy, Blues, MetroMeditations Help to Welcome All That’s Arising2022-04-04T07:36:11-07:00
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