Summer is Now!

Dear Ones,

As I write, I am running last minute errands and readying to depart the Southwest. Summer is NOW and… ROADTRIP!

Though I’ll miss my Arizona friends, soon I will cross our beautiful country again, camping and teaching and visiting new states… I am delighted with the possibility of new experiences, and nervous about crossing the midwest during peak tornado season.

Yes, I take my practices with me; my favorite chants clear the way to meditation and prayer, and they prepare my days for wherever I find myself. Here’s one for you to enjoy – short and simple: “the essence of summer”. This bhavana meditation, incorporates sound and easy movement with garuda mudra. See if it helps to create space and ease as you connect to your inner home.

Click here to listen:

These small interventions build and always help -whether, I’m driving for hours, or have a creative block when I’m writing. There’s more where this came from, and these short practices can have a powerful impact on the rest of your day.

Check my full calendar for more Yoga for Your Mood modules, workshops, trainings. Relief is available and you can stay steady through unpredictability. Stay safe, stay well.

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