Podcast with J. Brown on Love and Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality in Temple Dancer "I got an email from your publisher... your name was on the top, and I was like, wait a minute, Amy Weintraub. And I look at the book. It's a fiction book, a connection between sexuality and spirituality, and I was like, wow! Isn't she the Yoga for Depression lady I used to know way back when...??" J. Brown and I cover a lot of ground. Take a trail ride through where yoga is today and how we got here. From yoga as healing what separates us, to yoga as "treatment", and back to the deepest understanding of yoga as union with the divine. We explore that portal into Self through yoga, through the making [...]

Podcast with J. Brown on Love and Sacred Sexuality2020-11-10T19:45:37-07:00

TEMPLE DANCER Backstory: Part One

Every novel has a backstory arising from the author’s experience, imagination and research. Because there are several plot threads in Temple Dancer, there are at least three backstories. In this 3-part series, I'll review the backstory that led to the emergence of Saraswati as a character in an Indian village in 1938.   Goddess Yellamma Reaching Out On the day I stood in C. S. Lakshmi’s office in Mumbai, looking at a calendar created by “Reaching Out,” a group of Indian feminists, my eyes locked on the eyes of a little girl who gazed into the camera. Rohini stood holding her mother’s hand. She was six. She had knotted hair. Her mother said that she was going to [...]

TEMPLE DANCER Backstory: Part One2020-11-10T19:46:13-07:00
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