During the Pandemic, many conflicting emotions are arising for me, as I imagine they have for you.

I am grateful to be well, to be living with my partner in peace and in love, and to be learning new technologies in order to offer free online webinars and practices during this time. I’m a slow learner, and I’m crawling like a baby up the learning curve, whining as I go!

Throughout it all, there have been moments of sadness, as I hear about the mounting death toll and read the stories of individuals who have succumbed, or about others who have unwittingly spread the virus by hugging a relative at a funeral or praying in a church while on vacation. Anger arises toward elected leaders who make policy based on fraudulent self-aggrandizing claims. Grief arises as I contemplate being here in Tucson instead of by my daughter’s side as she gives birth in a week or so. Facebook calls don’t satisfy my need to hold my precious granddaughters. Worry keeps me up when dear friends reveal they’ve tested positive.

So how do we and you ride these waves of turbulent emotions? I have two ways. Read more in my latest newsletter and take a minute with me for a quick practice to soothe your worried parts. We are moving through this together, so visit my YouTube channel for more ways to cultivate ease. The curve is flattening. Steady on.