Sacred Sexuality in Temple Dancer

“I got an email from your publisher… your name was on the top, and I was like, wait a minute, Amy Weintraub. And I look at the book. It’s a fiction book, a connection between sexuality and spirituality, and I was like, wow! Isn’t she the Yoga for Depression lady I used to know way back when…??”
J Brown YOGA TALKS Podcasts

J. Brown and I cover a lot of ground. Take a trail ride through where yoga is today and how we got here. From yoga as healing what separates us, to yoga as “treatment”, and back to the deepest understanding of yoga as union with the divine. We explore that portal into Self through yoga, through the making of art, through the making of love, and through love itself–all subjects of my new novel, Temple Dancer. We trace my beginnings in yoga for mood management and mental health, founding the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, transitions, and my return to fiction writing. Next, the voice of my characters, the story of the devadasi, and the defeat of that auspicious feminine culture. Lastly, we share ways we can heal and embrace the spiritual power that is inherent in all of us. Enjoy!

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