Rounding December 2020- incredible. I’m excited for new possibilities, and to farewell this remarkable year, I’ll be posting 15 ways to open the portal to creative flow to welcome in 2021, so grab a pen…

As a writer, I thrive on connection to the source of creativity and love, and I know I’m not alone (despite these recent events!) Join me here each day, December 17-31, for a prompt, an inquiry, or a practice. Whether you’re a poet, an artist, a dancer, a chef, a gardener or you just want to infuse your daily life with more creativity, follow along with me for 15 days. 🙏 🙏

Please share and let’s “Open the Portal” to nourish creativity for the New Year! ❤🎁✨✨

12/17/20 DAY 1: Answer this with your nondominant hand. Describe a being who has said “yes” to your creativity.







12/18/20 DAY 2: Listen to a song or chant that you love. Feel it in your bones.







12/19/20 DAY 3: Take a walk in nature to clear your mind.







12/20/20 DAY 4: Gaze at a photo of a Beloved and ask for their support.







12/21/20 DAY 5: Dance! Put on something funky or jazzy, or whatever makes you SOAR! Ask for what you need.







12/22/20 DAY 6: Read a children’s story out loud. If you don’t have a book at hand, click…/for…/free-video-read-alouds for some terrific ideas! 







12/23/20 DAY 7: Bellows breath with adhi mudra.

Bhastrika (bellows breath) is a pumping breath that is wonderful for energizing anytime during the day, and also for clearing the space before meditation. Adhi mudra helps ground and calm the as you sense the energy flowing through.
Click here for video.
> Don’t practice too close to bedtime, and easy does it. Enjoy! ❤


12/24/20 DAY 8: Read an inspiring poem, and 🌟take heart, take hope!🌟 Merry Christmas!







12/28/20 DAY 9: Breath of Joy.

Remove blocks with Breath of Joy. You can turn rumination into contemplation and I often begin my writing day with this active breath, opening the channel for creativity to flow. Lila Osterman, one of the first teacher trainers for Kripalu Center, brought this breath from Germany to Kripalu in the early 70’s. This is a LifeForce Yoga adaption, designed to ground you and connect you to creative flow. Click here for video.


12/29/20 DAY 10: Relax with yoga nidra.

Empty the vessel and allow creativity to flow. Everything you need is flowing; there is no separation.

When I’m overtired, stressed, or in physical pain, it’s hard to sustain a creative flow when I’m writing. That’s when I lie down in the middle of the day and relax fully with a yoga nidra. Listening never fails to bring me to a state of relaxed openness and renewed vitality.  Get verrrry comfortable, in a spot where you won’t be interrupted for 15 mins, and close your eyes… This guided nidra is just over 12 minutes.  Click here.


12/30/20 DAY 11: Uttarabodhi mudra.

Take this mudra of enlightenment, and ask for what you need for creativity to awaken within and flow through you. By taking this mudra, we invite the creative energy of the benevolent universe to flow through us.

We know that we are not separate from this.



12/31/20 DAY 12: See yourself doing something you love.

Bring your hand to your heart. As you visualize, try on the mantra, “So Hum,” which means, “I am That.”