Tucson’s feminist radio show “Broad Perspectives” is excellent. Have a listen! I want to share with you one of those interviews that just seemed to click. The interviewer, Aspen Green, asked the probing personal questions that allowed me to share my passions. In under thirty minutes (because they also let me pick a favorite song—Chris Williamson’s “Song of the Soul”) we talked about creativity, my journey from depression to published fiction (my new novel Temple Dancer) and the benefits of yoga for optimum mental health.

I feel grateful to Aspen and to Kathleen Harris, the co-hosts, of “Broad Perspectives” on KXCI for offering me this opportunity.  After you’ve listened, I hope you feel grateful to them too!


Also, my new course, Open-Minded Portal Into Story is available now, on-demand, through Thinkific.

Over 16 lessons, we will ignite the spark of story and then fan the flame of that story through the development of character and scene.

Traditional yoga breathing and imagery exercises are combined with writing exercises to open the portal for story to flow, be it your memoir, your short story, your novel or another creative writing project.