Do you have trouble meditating? Does your mind seem too active to find stillness? Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind; simple, yes, but not often easy.

When I began to meditate, I went on “rounding” meditation weekends, and the group practice made it easier than practicing at home alone. In fact, the depression that clouded my mind created a lot of negative self-talk, no matter if I practiced with my mantra or focused on the breath. When I closed my eyes, my self-critical part took the lead. Sound familiar?

Later, when I added yoga practices to “give my mind a bone”–mudras, mantra chanting, pranayama, kriya, body sensing–I found a portal into a quiet mind. It was easier to allow my mind free range without being hijacked by anxious ruminations. I began to truly experience what I’d heard about- the practice of meditation awakens us to the joy of the present moment.

If you struggle to find the ease that meditation promises, you’re not alone.  Join me live Thursday mornings from my home to yours. Let’s build skills together to find the “still point of the turning mind”.


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LifeForce Yoga meditations give the mind a break, and allow focus to happen naturally.

Do you have trouble meditating? If you have a monkey mind that has difficulty with breath or mantra, you CAN learn to meet rumination and move through into stillness. The livestream ZOOM link for our class through Soul Of Yoga will be sent approximately one hour before class begins. Replay is available if you can’t join us LIVE- so take same time for YOU.