I admit that when I first read Becoming Safely Embodied in manuscript, I had just upgraded to Windows 10, and I didn’t realize it was doing battle with my Adobe Reader program. Through no fault of the PDF Deirdre had sent me, it was hard to read the manuscript in full. So when it became available last week, I downloaded the book. Reading Deirdre Fay’s work in its entirety, tenderly uncoiled old feelings of unworthiness in a young silent part that still tightened my belly when I made a mistake. This is a beautifully written and thoughtful book that I recommend for self-care and healing, whether you have a history of trauma or not.

Paraphrasing a question Fay asks in the introduction gives you a glimpse into what’s in store: How might it be possible to believe that your body is “the temple of Your Soul” when your history of trauma makes you feel otherwise? “A trauma survivor might easily describe their body not as a temple but instead as a desecrated, scorched earth.” If you have ever had even a moment of feeling this way, Becoming Safely Embodied is nourishment to fertilize the ground upon which you build your temple, so that self-worth blooms.

As a trauma survivor, with over forty years of spiritual practice and thirty-five years as a mental health professional dedicated to helping people heal, Fay has developed a therapeutic model called Becoming Safely Embodied (BSE). Among the many trainings that led to the development of BSE, I am grateful that Fay also trained in LifeForce Yoga. In this book, Fay shares practices from BSE that incorporate the body, the breath and healing modalities like the powerfully transformative IFS. As a trauma specialist, she helps the reader, one technique at a time, build the temple on the solid ground of self-knowledge.

The Nine Core Skills she offers are practical and profound. Following these recommendations, readers grow their ability to feel at ease with whatever is arising within, to meet the challenges that confront them from without, to feel at home in their bodies, and to find and then become the agent of their life’s purpose.

In summary, Deirdre Fay helps professional women with difficult histories become “safely embodied”.

I endorse this book as a way to help you:
⭐ GROW a connection with your own inner wisdom
⭐ DEVELOP so solid, steady and secure inside that it doesn’t matter what’s happening around you
⭐ FLOURISH in your relationships and get your needs met for life

“Becoming Safely Embodied” shows you how to use your trauma, anxiety or depression as a way to discover:
✔️ The calming, centering skills to feel secure in the world
✔️ How to transform what doesn’t work so you can have positive and nourishing experiences to live your best life
✔️ How to separate past intrusive memories from present experiences to stay here and now

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