Dear Ones,

Research tells us that intense grief can alter the heart muscle so much that it causes “broken heart syndrome,” increasing the risk of heart attack 21 times after the loss of a loved one.

On the other hand, feelings of love, whether for a child, a lover, a four-legged being, a spiritual teacher or the Divine increase feel good hormones like oxytocin, prolactin and dopamine. We feel as though the heart expands with love.

We live in times where protection, be it a mask, a vaccine, or fear of the other makes us feel constricted. More than ever, we need practices that open the heart to love, that connect us to others and to the Divine as we understand the Divine.

From my heart to Yours, this week’s video is a brief practice to open and expand your heart with love. Take a minute now! 

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✔ Explore my new YOGA FOR YOUR MOOD card deck from Sounds True

✔ Join me for a live meditation practice Thursday morning to gently open your heart to love.

✔ For a passionate story about love, shame and resilience, read my new award-winning novel, Temple Dancer!

✔ SYTAR Conference for Yoga Therapists! Research, Comaraderie, Self-Care


More than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety, while depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. So, what can you do when your mood feels unmanageable?

The Yoga for Your Mood Deck provides a unique and welcoming approach to fostering inner balance and mental stability. These beautifully illustrated cards offer simple breathing protocols, basic stretches, and traditional hand gestures known as mudras—all of which have been curated to soothe, energize, or integrate your emotional state.

The deck includes 52 different interventions. Each card is color coded and numbered for easy access. Feeling down? Perhaps first pull a calming blue card to meet your mood, and then a red one to elevate it. Is anxiety paying an unwelcome visit? Try an energizing red card breathing practice followed by a calming blue relaxation pose. Green cards offer grounding practices to close your short yoga session.

Pre Order Here   Available August 10, 2021 from Sounds True.


1st Class Free! LifeForce Yoga meditations give the mind a bone.

If you have a monkey mind that has trouble focusing on breath or mantra, learn to meet rumination and move through into stillness.

The livestream ZOOM link for our class through Soul Of Yoga will be sent approximately one hour before class.

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SYTAR June 17–19, 2021 

Registration is OPEN for the 2021 Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research conference. Network with people who believe in what you do and feel refreshed after daily yoga asana and meditation practices.I am a presenter, and will speak on Sat June 19th. Recorded sessions are accessible for a year after the conference, too!

IAYT’s SYTAR features the wide-ranging education you need for rich professional and personal development, along with plenty of opportunities for self care, and ongoing connection with yoga therapy colleagues, researchers, and other experts. Network with people who believe in what you do, and feel refreshed after daily yoga practices!   More Here