Dear Ones,

Despite or because of the many rainy days since I arrived in Rhode Island, the waters of Narraganset Bay nourish my soul. I am blessed to begin my day with a standing practice surrounded by water. This is Naragansett Bay. :)

We can’t always be on vacation in our happy place, so it’s vital to cultivate a healing practice wherever we wake up in the morning. Click below for the 3rd video in my Metro Meditations series that I recorded in downtown Tucson before I left. These quick videos are short, potent interventions, doable anywhere, anytime for a quick shift.

This is a working vacation for me. Yesterday, after lunch with old friends, I finished a second draft of the screenplay for Temple Dancer and, along with my 3-6-3 scene list, I will be sending it to Writer’s Boot Camp soon for review.

MetroMeditation #3: Become the Welcoming
One way to cultivate acceptance and ease is to practice welcoming what arises in the moment. In this two-minute meditation, we do that together. I hope you try this one, and the other short practices in the series, and share to all in need.

Acceptance is one of my keys to anchored, grounded living. It’s easy for me to be at home with happy and joy and love, but worry, frustration, impatience, sometimes–not so much.

A regular practice of welcoming those ‘harder’ feelings helps my state of being. For me, its a good reminder to live in the present, and a remedy to fear of change or letting go of attachments. Let me know what you think!

I’m excited to be LIVE with my friend Kerstin Zettmar at our joint Arts & Sacred Sexuality event
July 22, 5-730PM  Zettmar Studio  Newport RI

How can Art and Creation lead to transcendence? How does passion and intuition flow through? New Englanders, join us for an evening of process and stories, visual art and a reading from my new novel.

5:00 Kerstin Zettmar, visual artist who has exhibited and sold internationally, will share her inner process in creating paintings and fiber art. Her work will be displayed and for sale.

5:45 Amy Weintraub, Yoga Therapist and Author of Yoga for Depression, Yoga Skills for Therapists and Temple Dancer, the new award-winning spiritual thriller, will offer a short reading and talk about her 25-year journey to create this novel.

6:30 Party Time! Book signing and informal conversations with both artists.    More Here