Here I am in my happy place, right? Right. And yet, I wish I could transplant this dreary weather to the Sonoran desert that needs the rain and humidity so desperately. This morning, the skies are gray. Again. In the 13 days since I arrived,  there hasn’t been a beach day. So, like everything else that seems to disappoint, I need to look at my expectations, which are always the source of my suffering. When I do that, I can also see the gifts hidden in the gray.

First, there is the great privilege of taking a vacation. What a gift it is to me to reconnect with dear friends on the East Coast in balance with the lovely solitude that brings me to the second gift.

I’ve had time to finish another draft of my screenplay for Temple Dancer,  and I’m thrilled to learn that the person assigned to evaluate it by my Writer’s Boot Camp teacher is topnotch, a real mover and shaker himself!

Each day, I have managed some amount of practice surrounded by water, sometimes  even standing on water, as I chant and try to balance in tree pose on a floating dock with birdsong and buoys accompanying me. Such a gift!

My practice continues back in the AirBnB and through the day, as I take short breaks from my work at the computer to come home to my true Self.

Join me here for a 2-minute break and come home to who you truly are beneath the clouds.

Click here to watch this week’s MetroMeditation for a shift, anytime, anywhere.

I’m excited to be LIVE with my friend Kerstin Zettmar at our joint Arts & Sacred Sexuality event in her Newport studio. If you’re in New England, please join me Thursday, Jul 22, from 5-730pm.

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