Dear Ones,

My heart is full of love, and excitement, and my head is in a tizzy!

Next week, I will be seeing my beloved daughter and three grandchildren, the third of whom I have only met on video calls. Over these past 18 months, they have celebrated birthdays, graduations, recitals and other momentous events. Since they live in Canada, I have missed out on it all. Finally, after so many missed moments, we’ll reunite for 6 days on Coney Island! Will I be able to keep up with their buoyant little-kid energy and enthusiasms? My daughter is competent, so I trust her to arrange their Kosher food needs, as I usually screw up some of that. I also don’t dress as modestly as their practice requires of them, so they will have to deal with a brazen granny dressed in yoga clothes, shorts and sandals, and a scandalous one-piece bathing suit!

As I contemplate the visit and the energy required, I take a deep breath and visualize my granddaughters laughing at the beach, scampering in the waves, on the merry-go-round, and napping beside me. I see myself holding my new grandson and playing the yoga games that made his sisters laugh. I know the visit will have its ups and downs—its darker moments and its radiant ones. Life is like that. I also know I have the tools to come into balance when worry gets the better of me.

Many of you have already had your own reunions, and you have likely realized one of the spiritual truths I live by: “expectations are the source of our suffering.” Even as I envision our happy moments, I practice letting them go in favor of embracing what arises. I prepare myself with my daily practice, one of which I share here:

Click here to watch this week’s MetroMeditation for a shift, anytime, anywhere.

As ever, gratitude flows. To those of you who have read, shared, and commented on my new novel Temple Dancer, I offer deep gratitude.

Yoga for Your Mood: 52 Ways to Shift Depression and Anxiety, releases from Sounds True on August 10th! To those of you who have pre-ordered thank you!

I will be practicing many of these “52 Ways” as I prepare for and manage my trip to Brooklyn. I’ll stand firm in Mountain Pose, breathing “I have everything I need to manage my life” from feet to crown and back down to the earth.

I hope all is well in your world. Drop a line and let me know how you are, and stand by for Facebook pix!

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