My heart is full! Last week’s launch of my new YOGA FOR YOUR MOOD CARD DECK  has been gratifying. So many of you have reached out to say it’s making a difference in your life. As someone who suffered from an anxiety-based depression for many years, I know personally the relief that yoga can bring. That’s why I have been teaching and writing about it for nearly thirty years.

Portable mental health is key in these troubling times. We all need some relief, and these short, powerful interventions can shift your mindset.

I love seeing your images, please keep those photos coming – it’s wonderful to see them near and far.

Here is a recent article I penned for the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog. Each day, I’ve been posting a live 2-3 minute practice using a different card. Scroll down to watch one here, and visit @amylifeforceyoga on Instagram for more videos.

The cards can be used anywhere, at home, on the road, and also at work! Therapists can use them for care and connection, and report that the deck is accessible and fun as a support to a mental health session.

Thank you for your enthusiasm – may this card deck help you navigate these difficult days with inner peace.

<< Practice with me! Here is a recent Instagram clip, using the deck’s card #29 – for peace and clarity. With all that’s going on, we need every resource available to us, to stay steady and increase out resilience. Here is another new offering; this one from Allie Middleton, a dynamic LifeForce Yoga practitioner and teacher, and author:


New Book! Yoga Radicals

“Yoga Radicals: A Curated Set of Inspirational Stories of Transformational Yoga by Pioneers in the Field”, with foreword by Amy Wheeler Yoga, released TODAY. I’m delighted to be one of the contributors to her book. It’s an amazing compilation of #yogatherapy journeys. To be featured with so many mentors, friends and colleagues who have worked towards integrating yoga into modern healthcare is humbling. Thank you Allie!

ON SALE NOW. Also on Amazon.Kindle 🙂