When I suffered from depression, I felt numb, not sad. I lived in a fog of unfeeling.

Now, when sadness hits, as it invariably does, like it did today when I heard that a friend is in ICU with Covid, I feel it. I didn’t always understand how important it is for my mental health to feel all my feelings, not just the “good” ones.

If I can let myself cry, the release opens the channels for joy to flow. If I feel the barbs of life and breathe them into my heart, they pass through me. If I let myself feel the hard stuff with an open heart, my heart stays open to feel the good stuff—the pleasure of dancing, of hiking in nature, of talking with my grandchildren, of diving into an ocean wave with the hope of riding it to shore.

Staying in emotional balance isn’t about feeling happy all the time. It’s about feeling all our feelings, and allowing them to move through us.

These opportunities to increase ease and resilience are for everyone:
Feb 16/17 LIVE (free) virtual webinar. I’ll be speaking with Juliet Austin and Clinton Power about Yoga and Mood. See below for global times and (free) registration.

MAR 13 LIVE virtual workshop. Join us with Beloved Yoga live on Zoom (or later on replay) and discover yoga strategies from my new card Deck, YOGA FOR YOUR MOOD.

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Relief is available. Stay safe, stay well.