Staying Steady Through Instability

It may be a challenge to go within when outside events are tumultuous and frightening. However, now is the most critical time to continue or begin your spiritual practice. It will see you through whatever tensions our world is offering to us all right now.

For inspiration think of the suffering experienced by Thich Nhat Hanh during the Vietnam War, his escape and life in exile. Think of Nelson Mandela, struggling to end apartheid in South Africa and suffering abuse and incarceration for 27 years. They each had a profound inner connection to silence. I believe many survivors do.

Whatever your practice looks like. consider these points:
✦ Practice a little EVERY day. It doesn’t matter when — just that you do.
✦ Keep it as simple as you need to.
✦ Make sure any props are nearby and easily accessible.
✦ Don’t wait for less chaos, or more quiet time–make your own peace. Make the decision, place your hand on your heart, and say something kind to yourself, or simply take those few deep breaths …
✦ Rinse and repeat; did I mention that consistency is everything?

Without my daily practice I simply could not move through the world—it is that important. I stay productive–maybe–but conscious and grounded? Not without my own dips into silence. Case in point: Liz and I have been hard at work on the pitch deck for my screenplay TEMPLE DANCER that will go to Executive Producer Julie Carmen, so she can reach out to potential actors, directors, and most importantly, investors. It’s gratifying work, but I need my moments of silence, of gazing out at the sunset, to move me away from the computer, to remind me to drink water, stretch, breathe deeply, eat, call a friend.

The simple, accessible yoga techniques I use to self-soothe and regulate my emotions are my medicine. In these upcoming events, I’ll offer you the practices I use. They work access connection and balance, and they are a balm to share with friends and family members.

Please join me in person or virtually for…

MAR 4-6 THIS WEEKEND In Person: 
YogaCon 2022: Yoga Supporting Mental Health
RiverCenter, Davenport, Iowa

The Quad City Yoga Conference is thrilled to offer this event for folks interested in yoga from very beginners to advanced practitioners. This is our inaugural fundraising event, and all ticket sales go to funding QCYC’s work sharing yoga and mindfulness in our community. YogaCon 2022 highlights some of the best yoga teachers in the United States who are practicing deep work that supports mental health with the practices and discipline of yoga.

MAR 6-10 LIVE virtual (free) Embodied Movements of Compassion: Harnessing anger, outrage, fear, disgust and turning toward compassion, with Deirdre Fay. Like so many of us, Deirdre felt the impulse to “do something” with the feelings arising in response to Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine. She quickly set up this (free) global “UnChallenge”: Embodied Movements of Compassion. The 5-day practice is designed to acknowledge the threat that comes when a person is feeling bullied, taken advantage of, or enraged, harnessing that energy and turning instead toward compassion. Shifting those “red zone” feelings into compassionate action. We will all benefit from the shared wisdom on compassion, recorded or live. 🙏🙏🙏

MAR 13 LIVE virtual workshop through  Beloved Yoga live on Zoom (or later on replay) and discover yoga strategies from my new card Deck, YOGA FOR YOUR MOOD.

Scroll down for details ⬇️, and check my full calendar for more Yoga for Your Mood modules, workshops, trainings. Relief is available and you can stay steady through unpredictability. Stay safe, stay well.

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