Loss in a time of Thanksgiving

Loss in a time of Thanksgiving. ūüíĒ When life upends our plans, and the love and companionship we‚Äôve cherished explodes into a toxic cloud, or we face some other inconsolable loss, there are two options: We can numb out and put one foot in front of the other. Or we can stay present and put one foot in front of the other. Either way, we keep going. Choice number one constricts the heart, literally putting us at risk for heart attack and immune system dysregulation. The second choice risks us burdening our friends with TMI, blubbering at inconvenient moments, and spending too much time in bed. Having spent way too many years unconsciously tamping down my feelings (a childhood habit [...]

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Embodied Movements of Compassion (free) LIVE virtual “unchallenge”¬†

Embodied Movements of Compassion:¬†Harnessing anger, outrage, fear, disgust and turning toward compassion, hosted by Deirdre Fay. MAR 6-10 LIVE virtual (free) series! On Zoom each day at 1pm ET for about an hour. Like so many of us, Deirdre felt the impulse to ‚Äúdo something‚ÄĚ with the feelings arising in response to Putin‚Äôs invasion of the Ukraine. She quickly set up this (free) global ‚ÄúUnChallenge‚ÄĚ: Embodied Movements of Compassion.¬†The 5-day practice is designed to acknowledge the threat that comes when a person is feeling bullied, taken advantage of, or enraged, utilizing that energy and turning instead toward compassion. Come shift those ‚Äúred zone" feelings into compassionate action. We‚Äôll do this by exploring and embodying compassionate qualities: ¬∑¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Harnessing the inner protest [...]

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