Getting Curious About Our Inner Critic

We all have an inner voice that constantly chatters in our minds, evaluating our actions, appearances, decisions -- sometimes making us feel unlovable or not good enough. My young Inner Critic was linked to feelings of shame, and as a teen this part named me Shamey-Amy! For most of us, the IC manifests as a harsh and judgmental force, undermining our self-esteem and hindering personal growth. Mark Twain said, “If we talked to our children the way we talk to ourselves, we’d be arrested for child abuse.” As that shamed-based being, I did what I knew to do -- I smiled nervously, and tried to keep my cool and radiate confidence, and I know you know: inwardly there she [...]

Getting Curious About Our Inner Critic2023-08-21T12:51:00-07:00

Summer is Now – Say Yes!

Summer is Now! Dear Ones, As I write, I am running last minute errands and readying to depart the Southwest. Summer is NOW and... ROADTRIP! Though I'll miss my Arizona friends, soon I will cross our beautiful country again, camping and teaching and visiting new states... I am delighted with the possibility of new experiences, and nervous about crossing the midwest during peak tornado season. Yes, I take my practices with me; my favorite chants clear the way to meditation and prayer, and they prepare my days for wherever I find myself. Here's one for you to enjoy - short and simple: "the essence of summer". This bhavana meditation, incorporates sound and easy movement with garuda mudra. See if [...]

Summer is Now – Say Yes!2023-05-16T17:14:57-07:00
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