Temple Dancer

Thoroughly entertaining and engaging

An original and extraordinary literary experience that effectively showcases Amy Weintraub's impressive flair ... especially and unreservedly recommended.

Thoroughly entertaining and engaging2020-12-05T15:52:25-07:00

Gorgeous and ambitious! 

Temple Dancer, Amy Weintraub’s astonishing new novel, evokes the power of a lost spiritual tradition through the story of two disparate women: a disgraced temple dancer from 1930s India, and a contemporary artist in Massachusetts.... Both of the women are fleshed out with rich psychological descriptions that evoke the very different cultures they live in.... Gorgeous and ambitious! Temple Dancer is an unforgettable novel about a woman's search for peace—and another's desire for justice.

Gorgeous and ambitious! 2021-04-30T20:12:07-07:00

I read this book in one day …

I read this book in one day because I could not stop. It's one of those books, so clear the decks before you start. And then be prepared to be haunted and changed by the wisdom, sensuality, beauty, and fascinating history.  Read this if you want to be transported and possibly changed forever.

I read this book in one day …2020-12-05T15:53:50-07:00

Amy Weintraub is teaching us about ourselves

This book is a fascinating novel, but it is much more than that. Through her wonderful storytelling, Amy Weintraub is teaching us about ourselves. As we identify with both characters, we find parts of ourselves that need redemption and to find their strength. And we learn about Indian history and philosophy to boot!

Amy Weintraub is teaching us about ourselves2020-04-13T11:04:37-07:00

Beautifully captures the emotions of Saraswati

I thoroughly enjoyed Amy Weintraub’s Temple Dancer. It beautifully captures the emotions of the Temple Dancer “Saraswati” through the eyes of Wendy, a true devadasi herself in search of her soul. The story of Wendy is equally beautiful. While Saraswati was taught and raised to be a Devadasi, Wendy transformed into one through her experiences learning from her mistakes and taking accountability for her feelings and actions.

Beautifully captures the emotions of Saraswati2019-11-17T14:39:20-07:00

A fascinating tale

Temple Dancer is a fascinating tale that weaves through time and memory ultimately taking the reader on an unforgettable journey of the heart and spirit. There are rich revelations and twists and turns that make it difficult to put down. It’s a close cousin of Eat, Pray, Love!

A fascinating tale2019-01-24T12:15:46-07:00

A superbly written novel

I could not put this book down. TEMPLE DANCER is a superbly written novel that takes the reader on a journey from naiveté through disgrace to redemption. Amy Weintraub is a master story-teller!

A superbly written novel2020-03-16T15:32:30-07:00

Temple Dancer is riveting.

Temple Dancer is riveting. It is an amazing journey between past and present, artfully weaving the philosophy of India's ancient mythology into our world of today. The way the author paints pictures with words breathes life into people, places and experiences. It is a poetic and devotional adventure in consciousness that cannot help but awaken the heart and soul of the reader.

Temple Dancer is riveting.2019-01-25T10:45:29-07:00

Instantly captivating!

Instantly captivating! TEMPLE DANCER is a sumptuous novel that not only entertains but interweaves the intricate teachings of mystical wisdom and spirituality with love, both romantic and transcendental. If you are interested in divine connection or just a really great read, make Temple Dancer your next favorite book!

Instantly captivating!2019-01-22T11:18:32-07:00

This Book is Amazing

This book is amazing and once I began reading it, I could not stop. Such a beautiful vignette of two lives with remarkable connections. I particularly like how amazingly real it is. Like any great spiritual story, it leaves one with a good dose of reality but still inspires hope and faith.

This Book is Amazing2019-01-11T11:49:04-07:00
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