Dear Ones,

We’re heading into the holidays—Hanukkah first this year and then Christmas and Kwanzaa. This season can be a time of great joy and also great loneliness, especially amplified in 2020. Like everything in life, the upsides and the downsides. Can we extend our arms to embrace it all, without feeling overwhelmed or numbing out?

That’s where a practice can help us stay balanced. Click >> the image for a simple practice to ride the waves of emotion and thought that I hope will help you navigate the ups and downs of the holidays.

On Facebook, I see the amazing faces of the babies born and growing up in a Pandemic. I imagine the stresses and strains on their parents, and the grief of grandparents who cannot hold their grandchildren (I am one). I wonder how the earth will sustain them as they grow and how they will sustain the earth.

I wonder too, about the dimming light as beloved luminaries in the field of yoga and mental health leave us behind. Yet, I feel the radiance and love of Psychotherapy Networker founder Rich Simon even as I write this sentence.

I feel the brilliance and love of Rama Jyoti Vernon, as her words continue to send ripples through my life and possibly yours. Yesterday, in a Zoom conversation with my Australian friend and colleague psychologist Janet Lowndes, she quoted a line from Rama’s keynote years ago at an International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Symposium (SYTAR):

“Who is getting your best self?” Rama asked.

Let’s pause with this question. Perhaps it will lead to a moment of tenderness shared with someone you love, even if it’s on a video call. Or maybe to an extra dose of self-care, of remembering your worth. For this, I leave you with Nayyirah Waheed‘s poem that my dear friend and colleague Australian yoga leader Leigh BlashkiC-IAYT-yoga therapist, iRest supervisor and mentor, shared with me.

We’re almost to 2021, and I know we’re ready for that!

My warmest namasté,

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