Perfection, Acceptance, and Dogs :)

We would love to be as accepting of life as it is, as our dogs, right? Jordy, my neighbor’s dog has leukemia and has only a few weeks to live. Yet she still loves to chase rabbits, go for walks, receive a good belly scratch and come to my door for treats. If she’s uncomfortable, she isn’t complaining. She doesn’t resent her owner when he says “no” to more treats, and she could care less that I have a Mezuzah on my doorframe.

I’ll never be that comfortable with the here and now. We humans are works in progress. Perfection is the enemy of love. I wish I could help my precious granddaughter understand this lesson. Our human interactions will never be perfect.

BUT, when we dive into our spiritual practice, when we clear away the obstacles of judgment with our pranayama, our mantras, our mudras, our movements, and our meditations and prayers, in those moments, we are free of that human mantel of complaint, resentment and prejudice.

In those moments, we touch what is unchangeable—our timeless, boundaryless, pure and perfect awareness. Yes, there’s perfection within and around us, and we can find the portal through our spiritual practice.

Take some moments every day to dive beneath your imperfections, to touch that unsullied perfect wholeness that you
already are.

Yoga For Your Mood can help, and sharing in community heightens these gifts.

Please join me live online through Yogaville, Oct 1-2, for a weekend of coming home to your True and Perfect Nature.

And if you want to learn to lead and share these healing “homecoming” practices, join me in beautiful San Diego Nov 2-4, at the Soul of Yoga Institute OR online from home for Yogic Applications for Psycho/Emotional-States.

Relief is available. Find moments of true SELF, with any of the resources below. Keep reading for ways to help you find balance and restore resilience.

Discover why Yoga For Your Mood works for everyone.

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Relief is available. Stay safe, stay well.