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The new masters of yoga

Amy Weintraub represents the new masters of yoga... who will carry the art and science into the new millennium. She is one of the forerunners of integrating yoga and therapeutic modalities, and I highly commend her for courageously pioneering this field where others will follow.

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A leader, innovator

Amy Weintraub is a leader, innovator, and an excellent teacher and writer. In her new book she brings therapists yogic tools to help emotional and physical healing and well-being.

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A pleasure to learn from master teacher

This unique contribution to the integration of yoga, psychotherapy, and neuroscience provides an extensive set of practices for healing stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma . . . Amy deftly combines breathing, gestures, sounds, imagery, and meditation to address specific therapy issues such as mood, attachment, self esteem, and compassion. It is a pleasure to learn from master teacher, Amy Weintraub.

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Brilliantly opens a door

Yoga Skills for Therapists brilliantly opens a door to the physical and spiritual layers of a client — one that therapists and counselors have been waiting to walk through. Its chapters unfold a unique and inspiring blend of ancient traditions and contemporary concerns. From a place of genuine respect, integrity and intention, Amy offers easily applied foundational yogic practices to enrich the therapeutic experience for both client and practitioner.

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Well-written and well-researched book

In this well-written and well-researched book Amy Weintraub provides therapists with simple, easy-to-apply but powerful, breathing, meditation, and hand gesture techniques that do not require a mat or body postures. Therapists can easily incorporate these techniques into their practices without otherwise having to change what they do, and clients can use them on their own. Thank you Amy for giving us access to this ancient healing wisdom.

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An indispensable contribution

. . . an indispensable contribution to the emerging field of integrative mental health. This exceptionally clear and comprehensive discussion of time-honored and effective body-mind interventions should be required reading for all psychotherapists.

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Helps healers center themselves

…a concise, easy-to-read book that helps healers center themselves and, by doing so, expand the circle of healing to encompass others.

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A timeless guide for therapists

Yoga Skills for Therapists will become a timeless guide for therapists at all levels of experience.

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A resource for psychological healing

Amy Weintraub shows how to use yoga as a resource for psychological healing and personal growth. Her methods are grounded in ancient wisdom, informed by modern science, and eminently practical for reducing anxiety, lifting mood, and improving self-regulation. She is a master teacher, and her skills and heart are woven throughout this new classic for therapists, clients, and anyone interested in inner strength and peace.

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I highly recommend it to yoga teachers and practitioners

Yoga helped me deal with depression and anxiety. After reading Amy Weintraub’s Yoga Skills for Therapists, I finally understand why. In clear language, Amy describes simple techniques accessible to everyone―breathing, mantras, mudras, imagery, affirmation, relaxation, and self-inquiry―explaining the evidence behind each, and relating stories of therapists who successfully used them with clients. While this book is written for psychotherapists, I highly recommend it to yoga teachers and practitioners looking to understand the mood-management power of yoga’s deeper practices.

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