IFS Meets LifeForce Yoga – A Week of Healing and Learning

Online Registration IFS Meets LifeForce Yoga: A Workshop Intensive with LifeForce Yoga founder Amy Weintraub, and Internal Family Systems-trained therapist Angela Huebner, PhD, LMFT, at the beautiful Cape Cod Institute. The combination of IFS and LFY provide just the tools we need to slow down and tune in! In the process of learning LFY practices to help clients self-regulate, increase self-efficacy and self-compassion, you will connect to the wholeness and healing capacity within yourself. Return home empowered with your own practice, a better understanding of the IFS model, and ready to share these tools with your clients.  All bodies and abilities welcome! Mental and physical health care providers can practice their specialties more effectively when they offer [...]

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YOGA FOR YOUR MOOD: Practices to Shift Depression and Anxiety

Online Registration   This is a HYBRID offering! Join Amy in the Tucson studio or stream online from home. Don’t stay stuck in a bad mood or thinking that limits you. Not only will these practices shift your mood, but they may change your life as they did for Amy and the thousands of students she has trained. Learn accessible yoga practices that support you and those you serve achieve and sustain emotional wellbeing. We’ll be meeting the mood and shifting it into balance with yoga breathing, mudras, visual imagery, yoga meditations, mantras and accessible movements. Many of these practices are not taught in regular yoga classes. Amy experienced firsthand the relief that yoga can provide and has spent [...]

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Feeling Vibrant

How do we feel vibrant, ageless and alive? For me it’s when I feel a loving connection. I can feel my heart expand when I am attuned to Shoshanna, my seven-year-old granddaughter, whether I have that rare opportunity to be in her presence, or even when I conjure up an image of her in my heart’s mind. Science corroborates my experience. Our hearts literally swell when we feel love, and they shrink when we grieve. Grieving is a natural part of our lives, not to be tamped down, but there comes a time when we must turn our faces to the sun, when we must let joy flow through the grief, even if it’s only a small stream. For the [...]

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YogaCon 2022: Yoga Supporting Mental Health

Online Registration YogaCon 2022: Yoga Supporting Mental Health March 4-6th, 2022 RiverCenter, Davenport, Iowa  The Quad City Yoga Conference is thrilled to offer this event for folks interested in yoga from very beginners to advanced practitioners. This is our inaugural fundraising event, and all ticket sales go to funding QCYC's work sharing yoga and mindfulness in our community. YogaCon 2022 highlights some of the best yoga teachers in the United States who are practicing deep work that supports mental health with the practices and discipline of yoga. Amy will be presenting two YOGA FOR YOUR MOOD sessions, both Saturday : Yoga For Your Mood Part 1 This session meets that couch potato feeling of lethargy, pandemic malaise, [...]

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Yoga for Your Mood HYBRID Workshop

Spend an afternoon full of laughter, stories, love, and accessible yoga with Amy Weintraub. For ALL bodies and levels. 🧰 Learn accessible skills that support emotional balance, soothe anxiety, elevate mood, reduce fatigue. These tools can increase ease and clarity. 🤸‍♀️ Treat yourself to a vibrant community afternoon - in Tucson. Amy, who's recent offering, Amazon's #1 Yoga for Your Mood card deck, is also the author of the groundbreaking book, Yoga for Depression. amyweintraub.com

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NEW MUST-READ for Therapists, Yogis, and Self Care Seekers

Why do I say Joanne Spence’s new book Trauma-Informed Yoga is a must-read? If you, as a mental health, yoga or other healing professional, support people in recovery from a history of trauma and associated mood disorders, you will love this book. Stephen Porges, PhD changed our understanding of the body-mind’s response to threat when he published Polyvagal Theory in 2011. Deb Dana, LCSW brought that understanding into the treatment room when she published The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy in 2018, and in the simplest and most accessible of ways, Joanne Spence, BSW, MA, helps us non-neuroscientists take hold of the “Autonomic Ladder” and support our clients and students as they rise to safety and connection. When I read Trauma-Informed Yoga for the first time (disclaimer—I read it a [...]

NEW MUST-READ for Therapists, Yogis, and Self Care Seekers2022-04-04T07:36:13-07:00

Yoga Therapy Observation with Amy Weintraub ONLINE

Online Registration Yoga Therapy for Mood Observation This LIVE session airs Jan 12 630-815PM GMT 1030AM - 1215PM PST 1130AM - 115PM MST 130 - 315PM EST Join me for a rare, LIVE, remote session hosted by the The Minded Institute. Click above link for more details about this Yoga Therapy for Mood Observation. Watch how LifeForce Yoga works for a client with mood disorder in a remote online session. Observing experts in your field is a vital way to hone your own skills and enhance your practice. With the significant emergence of online trainings it is important to observe best practice online. The Minded Institute is helping to support yoga therapist in how to offer effective [...]

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Facebook LIVE with Amy Wheeler: Unveiling Temple Dancer

Watch Online Tune in LIVE on Facebook for a chat about my novel TEMPLE DANCER with renowned Yoga Therapist, Amy Wheeler, PhD of Optimal State Yoga Therapy School. CLICK HERE to join us on Thurs, December 17th 3-4PM PST 4-5PM MST 6-7PM EST Amy is a new thought leader in the field of Mental Health and Women's Health who is changing the world with her revolutionary Optimal State® system of health and healing. She is a past president of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, IAYT, and delights in yoga philosophy. Among other things, we'll talk about The history of India and how women were perceived and treated Devadasis and how women were able to claim their power How [...]

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